Costa del Sol FPV organises the most exciting team drone racing league. Costa del Sol Drone League – CDL
The teams compete in 2 tournaments and a great final.
Drone racing is a new motor sport that has managed to capture the attention of the public. They call it the Formula 1 of the air, and it’s no wonder. Each manga develops at a frenetic speed, with ups and downs, pirouettes, overtaking and collisions between the participants. The pilots have to complete a circuit full of obstacles and curves in the shortest possible time.
To control these drones a transmitter and goggles similar to those of virtual reality are used. The drone has a camera that transmits the video to the goggles. With this system, called FPV (First Person View), the pilot gets a feeling of total immersion, as if he were flying inside the drone. It is a video game brought to reality.

Let’s race

A new way to race

CDL introduces a new format in drone racing, relay races.
Currently, drone races have a very short duration, approximately one minute.
With the format of relays of the CDL, much longer races are achieved, 10, 20, 60 minutes!
The action does not stop and both the pilots and the public can to enjoy the most for much longer.

How does a CDL race works?
The first thing that we have changed is who competes. In traditional races, the pilots compete individually. The CDL introduces the team competition.
The pilots race by and for their team, everyone has to work in a coordinated way to take their team to victory.
In each race teams competes at the same time with other teams.

Very long races!
In each race all team members compete giving each other relays in order to give as many laps as possible in the time available.
The barrier of two minutes is overcome, potentially having infinite races.
In CDL training and classifications are 10 minutes long, eliminatory 15 minutes and the great final 20 minutes.
Time more than enough for there to be plenty of action and entertain the audience, eliminating the current individual race pace, 1 minute of running and 10 of waiting until the next.

Thanks to technological advances, we can now do very quick relays with total safety.
Via the pilots transmitters, they can control the video emission of their drones. Therefore each team has a single video channel in which they fly, having to share it with the rest of the pilots of their team.
When a pilot in flight is going to give the relay he will go to the arrival area and deactivate the video emission of his drone through a button on his command; at that moment the pilot who will leave in his place will activate them from his command and he will be able to leave quickly.
Now the drone that landed can be picked up safely to replace the battery and leave it ready for your next relay, as it does not cause any stress situation with this remote video control system.

Our teams


Drone Racing is a videogame made real!

DronEzequiel Race Director at Costa del Sol FPV

Sometimes I see drones…

Delorton FPV Drone Pilot at Costa del Sol FPV

Our achivements

Primera carrera en la playa

Costs del Sol FPV organizó la primera carrera de drones en una playa en España

Primera liga provincial

Organizadores de la primera liga provincial

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